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Protest_LoveSongs Protest and Other Love Songs TDR-POLS $14.00

Pre-order your copy now. CDs expected to arrive end of February.

Recorded live at The G.A.R Hall Peninsula Oh on January 15, 2017. With Jon Mosey, Bill Lestock, Jim Ballard, Tim Longfellow, Bill Watson and David Krauss

Helluva Ride / Forever / Soft and Low / Why'd You Leave / Unrepentant Sinner / Sing Me Back Home / After The Fall / Oh My / Beggar On The Street / Hard to Drive / We Will Know You / Good Day / Mr. Conductor / I Asked You To Marry Me

Old_School_Front.jpg Old School TDR-OS $10.00

The Intro / Old Men / The Basement / Stupid People / Religion 101 / I Hate People / Technology / Leave Me Alone / Old Folks Boogie / Yute / Freedom / Gay Thoughts / Nothing In Common / The Question / Helping Women / I'm A Dick / The Toast / The 60's / Freddie

The Icons of Perseverance The Icons of Perseverance TDR-IP14 $15.00

Woman In Cleveland / Tell Me About Yourself / You Drove Me To Drink / All The Pretty Girls / When It Comes To Love / Helluva Week / Running Hard / The Routine / I Will Always Come Back To You / Ballad Of The Snake / Sweetest Kiss / Ought To Be Rainin' / May Not Be Love / American Dreamer / I'm Not That Woman / Why Is That Old Man Up On That Stage

The DVD Charlie Wiener - The DVD TDR-CWTDVD $15.00

DVD-Recorded at Hilarities, now The Funny Stop, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Tmall Truths for Sale at Tony's Place Small Truths for Sale at Tony's Place TDR-STSTP $12.00

The Lake's Too Rough / Shut Up and Leave / Another Cowboy Lament / Paper Faces / Fall in Love / Two Days From Tucson / Hanging Tree / Mrs. Wiener's New Do / June Cleaver / East Jababadad / It Ain't a Bike / Friend of Mine / Ghosts, Bourbon and Memories

GhostsInTheWindows.gif Ghosts in the Windows TDR_GITW $15.00

$4 of the proceeds will go to charity: $2 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and $2 to WWII Veterans' Memorial

Ordinary People / Most Of All / Child Of God / Rodeo Rider / Smiling Dog Blues / Three Days From Kodiak / Patiently / Don't Want To Die / All I Ask / Standing Rock Woman, Rosebud Man / Good Man / Lost Child / Sailing In His Dreams / The Ballad Of Johnny Mogul

Whole Lotta Wiene Whole Lotta Wiener TDR-WLW $20.00

Double cd set featuring Twelve Inches of Wiener, Dancin' at the Wienerland Ball and Back to the Bay.

(vol. 1- 2 CD set)

Nobody Loves You When You're In Jail / I Like Meat / Lovin' You Is Easy / Please Don't Ask / The Doggie Song / Marching Drug Song /  Like To Love You / My Dream Come True / My Boyfriend's Back / Happy Feet /  Dancin' At The Wienerland / 2nd To The Last Kiss / Oatmeal Conversation / Might Be Pretty / Disco Wiener

(vol. 2 - 2 CD set)

Love Opus # 1 / I Love Me / Commercial P.S.A. Energy /  Bunny Song / Just Because We're Married /Back To The Bay / I Like To Drink / Sailin' In His Dreams / Better From A Distance / Duck Pins / Nobody Loves You When You're In Jail / Pretty Girls Gone Bad / Polynesian Girls / Go For The Money / Woman / Keep The Coins A Rollin'

Live Wiener Live Electric Wiener TDR-LEW $10.00

Live Electric- Recorded Zanie’s Chicago, IL

YosemiteWiener.gif Yosemite Wiener TDR-YW $10.00

On The Road-Recorded on a NYE, Comedy Caravan, Louisville, KY

Picforwebsitesm Songs for the Heart TDR-SFTH-1217 $10.00

Support Purple Heart Homes NEO Chapter and get some cool tunes!!